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You’re Strong With Me

I just had a new baby 11 weeks ago, so this book could not have come at a more perfect time. Now at story time, my 6 year old is next to me and my baby is propped up on my legs. As you can imagine, reading a book about motherhood is very emotional for me, especially right now.

Author Chitra Soundar uses a mother and baby giraffe, to show the lengths a parent goes for their child. All of the dangers of the wild are met with the calming words, “You’re strong with me.” As the Baby encounters so many new things, Mama explains and teaches what is to be done. “The baby giraffe fidgeted when the oxpecker flew onto her back. “Stay still,” said Mama giraffe. “But it hurts!” “As you grow older, your coat will get thicker and this will just be a tickle. Until then, you’re strong with me.”

These beautiful words are combined with the exquisite illustrations of Poonam Mistry. The colors are perfect for a Fall release, all of the burgundy and gold is so regal. Every page is worthy of framing. Both of my girls were entranced by each page.

When you order this Lantana Publishing treasure, don’t forget the other books in this lovely series: You’re Safe With Me and You’re Snug With Me. This collection would be a superb start to a little one’s library!!


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