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Book Valentine’s

Book Valentine’s

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day cards. When I was in kindergarten, my Mom bought me a book from Current magazine. It had pouches for each school year to save the cards you were given. As you can imagine, I have everything from Rainbow Bright, to New Kids on the Block, saved in this book. 

What better way to give a child a Valentine, then to write your loving message, inside of a book! My most treasured books are those that have a message written inside of the front cover, from my parents, or grandmother. 

These are some great suggestions, to send in place of a card...or in addition to!!!!  

1. 1 2 3 You Love Me, by Jill Howarth is perfect for little ones. The illustrations are adorable and the words are filled with sweet goodness. (Running Press Kids)

2. Tilly & Tank, by Jay Fleck is perfect for any child. This story of two unlikely friends is also a great book, for children to give to classmates, or besties.  (Tundra Books)

3. Duck and Hippo The Secret Valentine, by Jonathan London is a perfect addition to the fun series of Duck and Hippo books. In this story, all of the friends come together to share Valentine’s Day together. (Two Lions)

4. What Is Given from the Heart is written by Patricia C. McKissack. This story is a beautiful way to show kids how to share love with others. Even when this mother and son were going through a rough time, they showed a family in need the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. This is a great example, of how to turn the holiday, into a way to pay it forward. (Random House Children’s Books)

5. I Love You For You, by Heather Lester is a love letter, perfect to give to your child, or grandchild. It shows all of the ways parents are different, but still every minute and activity are precious when spent together. This is a book, that you would just tie a bow around and add a pack of conversation hearts.  (For Good Media)

6. Love, by Stacy McAnulty can be used for friends, or family. This book shows children all of the ways love can be shown and shared. There are multiple examples of extra special things you can do for Valentine’s Day, but they are meaningless without the LOVE behind them. (Running Press Kids) 


Cheers to a New Year

Cheers to a New Year