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10 Things

10 Things

Here are 10 things I learned/relearned from, My First Book Of Quantum Physics:

1. Using Classical Physics, you can predict when there will be a solar eclipse.

2. Packets of energy are known as Quanta. 

3. When you throw a pebble into water, the ripples are called concentric waves. 

4. If you were traveling at the speed of light, you could circle the Earth 7.5 times, in a second. 

5. We can only see a small part of light frequencies.  

6. 2,500 years ago, the Greeks were trying to figure out what made up matter. 2,000 years passed, before the atom was discovered.  

7. The lightest element in The Periodic Table is Hydrogen.  

8. Heating an atomic element to it’s gaseous state, will cause it to emit light.

9. When you hear music through a wall, that is possible, because a small number of the sound waves are able to pass through the wall. 

10. Protons and Neutrons are made up of something even smaller, Quarks!  



This book is so cool! If you have a child that loves Science, or Mathematics I highly suggest purchasing this work of art. The information provided, combined with the magnificent illustrations are genius. It would also make a really interesting coffee table book. I guarantee that no matter your age, you can learn something from My First Book of Quantum Physics. 

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